Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fun Times

Hey ya'll,

whats popping?

Hope u had a good weekend...cuz i sure did. I did my most favorite thing to do in the whole world..Direct a photoshoot!! actually i lied, my most favorite thing to do will probably be to be in a damn photoshoot!

But we did have to direct a shoot for a make up section and creative feature for the magazine.To be honest,It was actually quite stressful for Tosin and i to direct the shoot even though we didnt have to do the make up and hair like we usually do..so you'd think it'd be easier since we actually had a make up artist n stylist on set buh no, it was quite tedious..

Nyhoo, we had a lotta fun doing what we LOVVEE to do so i really dont mind the overtime n weekend tasks.

It sure was a busy but fun weeekend with makeup artist Petula and hair stylist, Andrew. With a team like that, it wont matter how tough the job is cuz its all graavy


So, that was my weekend..have a gr88 week ya'll

Monday, November 17, 2008

In my mind..

one of my entirely random moments

Maybe i should be less discouraged and more hopeful

Have less me's and more we's

Take more risks and do less planning

Be less distracted and more present

There will be nothing wrong if i got my cute yellow porshe and took a shopping trip with a bunch of friends to N.Y

Nothing wrong with one of my accounts showing six figures and all i have to worry about is how to splurge

Nothing wrong with being on an extremmme make over show right now and having this pink, princess room with a life size bear

Nothing wrong with a prepaid American express card worth like...uhmm..$10,000 wont be soo bad..would it?

Absolutely nothing wrong with a chaffeur to drive me n my friends around and a chaperon n a stylist at my beck n call

Anywayz, enuf of my fantasies i thought 'd touch base with ya'll hope all is well..

this is just me at work with my three all time faves.my CD MAN- my musik is important, my MIRROR-i hve to constantly appreciate my maker n ofcourse my FOOOD!! n who could forget my BABY, 134ELITZ!! ya, my 4 all time FAVES.

so we'r still workin HARRRD..we've not run outta business..:)


Tuesday, November 4, 2008


And so it came to pass that on November 4, 2008, shortly after 11 p.m. Eastern time, the American Civil War ended, as a black man -- Barack Hussein Obama -- won enough electoral votes to become president of the United States."

Wow! wow! wow!!! What a day! First off, i feeel very privileged that this day fell on my birthday..yay.i feel that its no coincidence...11.05pm, my daddy calls me and he goes congrats, you just got an amazing birthday present..i was like yeah? is it in my account now? he's like nah i mean OBAMA's win.

I was slightly disappointed it wasnt money in my account buh hey what an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G gift..and my daddy says i have a date with destiny just like obama. What a blessing!!

Here's some interesting things some pple had to say about OUR (Obama+Ehi) win :)

"Rosa parks sat so martin luther king culd walk...martin walkd so obama culd run...obama iz running so the next generation can FLY"

"i can't wait for my chidren to come home with homework, and ask 'Mummy, who was the first African American President of the US?'."

"Who is canada's prime minister again?,when are the elections?,are they done elections ?..bla bla who care cares..OBAMA!"

Anywayz, i thought 'd exercise this opportunity to encourage us:


whatever it is ur struggling with. School, grades, getting a good job, career paths. Just keep going..YES YOU CAN!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Who Ran this sUCKA!!!

In this edition of WHO RAN THIS SUCKA Eniola Hundeyin of DAVID and yours truly were both caught wearing the same Old Navy metallic skirt and grey t- shirt by Montreal designer François Beauregard. firstly, I must applaud us for rocking the Old navy skirt that most people couldn't pull off with such fabulosity! But the real question is...WHO RAN THIS SUCKA??? Please vote and let your responses be EHI, ENIOLA...or if you can't make up your mind, then fine...BOTH!

I think Eni brought out the versatility of this outfit with the blazer and beret making it easy to wear to all sorts of occasions however nothin says simplicity n elegance more than the way Ehi wears it buh nyways, i think it was generally worn very well by both ladiez or what du you think?

Have a FAB weekend ya'll

Thursday, October 23, 2008

FABulous Toronto

Hey ya'll,

whats happening? Hope your week went well..mine was greaaat (thnx 4 askin) so its the last day of the infamous L'oreal fashion week here in Toronto..what better time to rave about fashion. Just a little background, i'm an enthusiast for fashion, i love good looks buh i'm not sure i fit into the strict definition of a fashionista..nyways, 'm pretty sure like most of you reading this, there's a lot of designs/looks i see on runways that i just dont get!

On the other hand, 've always wondered about who defines whats wearable and whats not..In this regards, i think fashion is definetely subjective. In my case, the way i project myself and my looks stems from my state of mind. It just so happens that i'm always boistereous and excited hence i alwayz look colorful and go-go (whtever that means) nyways enuf about me..so i guess what you wear and your total image can look like you just walked out of costume party but if you feeel absolutely comfy with it? Go ahead!

I compiled some pictures from the L'oreal fashion week..some i loveee n some i just dont get!

Is this a raincoat??

Uhmm..not my forte!

My favourites

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Skinny Issues

Hey People!!

'm on a ball this week eh? Let me take you through issues that come up in my life on a day to day basis. Mind you, i have a lot of friends..at least 'd like to think so and they are very intellectually sound and opinionated so we pretty much have a mini talk show evry other day!

Some of the arguments we have range from petty stuff as whether to go to L'oreal fashion week or not to less trivials like who to fall in love with (do u fall in love or do u stroll into it), how long should you know a man before you become intimate regardless of the level of intimacy (even a hand shake), to go back to your homeland and give back or to stay in the west and 'amass wealth'? send your kids to boarding school or not? inter racial date or not? nappy hair or relaxed hair? how Afrocentric are you?

First off, i realize these are some really sensitive issues but if i may ask, how Canadian are you, how American or British are you? ( and 'm not talkin to u, you dis immigrant!..i kid), how Jamaican are you? how African are you? more so how Nigerian are you? and i have never felt insulted when people mistake me for Caribbean or Ethiopian or whatever nationality. Matter of fact , i didnt know some pple felt slighted about it maybe cuz 've never felt the need to prove my 'Nigerianess' to anybody..hah! damn accent always gives it away..lol

Speaking of accent, what makes you Nigerian? is it your accent? your hang out joints? your friends? the play list on your ipod? your lifestlye? your hair do? your manners? your choice of food? your language?

It doesnt matter what colour of passport you are carrying, you and i know that when it comes down to it, ur still not oyibo. Some people have denouced their nationality and exchanged their identity for somebody else's.There's a lot that comes with being Nigerian in the Western world as it has its up's and down's...sometimes you just want to be Nigerian only at your convinience

There's a lot of nationalities you could have been but you were chosen by God to be Nigerian,there's nothing you can do about that now, too late buddy.. and 'm not saying you should not be open to other cultures that aint my tune at all but try to touch base with your roots.

Be part of the solution. be the change you want to see.

Its who you are. Live it! Love it! Embrace it!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Thanks For The Weight!

Hello darlings,

How are ya'll doing? Its been a hot minute since we last spoke. We've been out of the loop..i know and i apologize. You know we have just taken some time off this blogosphere to do our homework, because it is necessary that when you have big things lined up, you take some time off to PLAN so yea..thats what we've been doing.

So, in our time off, alot has happened...yea..soooo much has been happening with us as a crew and 've had to do alot of mind searching..so 'll just share wuts on my mind as of today as in NOW.

In the process of publishing the next issue of our fabulous mag, we've had to do some creative directing for photoshoots and auditions for models and then 'IT' struck me, a very touchy and highly debatable issue. 'IT' has resulted in a alot of broken marriages, accounts for self esteem issues amongst lots of teens and adult women, #1 cause of stress and depression in women, causes strife and envy..name it. As you might have guessed ,'IT' is the issue of WEIGHT.

As i write this, i cant help buh ask pls people, what is the ideal weight?

Size 8?
Size 10?
Size 12?
Size 14?
dammit! Size ZERO??

Okay, so how did you answer that question. Is ideal what you think a man thinks is sexy? what other women think is flattering? what you see on magazines and t.v or what is healthy?

Genetically, we know that African women are naturally curvier with a little more cushion or meat so to speak, on our bodies..does that disqualify us from the run ways and magazines?

I know that generally, the western world is battling with acceptance on the so called 'plus size' model..if there's a plus sized model on a reality show, its out of this world..llike its a BIG deal, then you see things like the recent dove commercial that emphasizes beauty in all shapes n sizes and moreso the INfamous Jenny Craig with Queen Latifah's size-healthy-campaign.

i've even heard before that men like women with a little more volume, whereas it's us WOMEN for the most part who like to be rail-thin.like its about the men...ya..sometimes it is about men..buh ehnn whatever they have no concept of sizing!

I definitely agree that the pressure to be thin and look a certain way is about women competing with other women and being catty cuz we can be very judgemental and some of us female species just specialise in breaking down each other's self esteem.

FACT: The female bodily beauty is 30% age, 25% waist-to-hip ratio, 25% BMI, 10% height and relative leg length, and 10% breast size.

Okay here's what i think :
1. ATTITUDE is important.

Regardless of the number at the back of your shirt, carry that body you've got like its the best thing that has happened to planet earth...since Adam. i call it 'SWAG' 'm sure Eve had some..walkin around the damn garden in scanty leaves..lol

2. Dress Well: Now dont misconstrue this as me saying you cannot be a size whatever, but 'm pretty sure no one loves flabs so pls dress your age..ditch the poorly fitting clothes and muffin tops. quit shoppin in the kids section..dress accroding to your body not what u see on tabloids. Hollywood is a product of fantasy not reality anyways. So if you need to get a stylist please do! i know a few who'd be happy to help.

More important to me than any number is your HEALTH its essential that you eat only the good stuff..your body is not a trash can and if you dont take care of it, you'd have no place to live! (more on that l8r)

So if you care to ask, whats my ideal weight? Just like Queen, 'm a size healthy baby!

So we'r back and very well on our way to being the #1 lifestyle magazine in Africa.

134Elitz, Realizing the power of self definition and empowering people to be the best they can be.

Thanks for the wait guyz its good to be back!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


i know we've been making alot of excuses so i wont even do that today...the honest truth is that tooo much has been going on that i don't even know where to begin. Would have blogged about it but we were kinda internetless (if dats even a words LOL)for a while lol sooo heres the 411. Now dat everyone has moved out of 134 hunter ( aww i miss dat house soo much) its been pretty hard catching all of us together at the same time in d same place..sad..yes i know...but hey dats life lol I cant speak for everyone but myself right now ( if you can guess who exactly dis is lol), im pretty much stuck at home studying for mu GRE exam so wish me luck!! infact pray for me lol i dont believe in luck lol nehow i will probably come on here every now and then if there is any gist...which is veryyyyy unlikely seeing as my house is in d middle of nowhere! Take care y'all. luv ya muah!

guess who

Monday, July 21, 2008

Busy Times!

Hello darlings,

sorry we went AWOL on ya'll..no deliberate intentions to stay silent.We have beeen goin thru some tooough and busy times. Basically,we've just been all over the place attempting to publish the 2nd issue of the magazine..pardon us i beg of you.

Mean while, whats been going on with you guyz?? howz summer and all? aNy new gist? wuts new? how are dem boyfriends or girl friends or work or summer skool or life in genral..who's getting married n who just got dumped?? i need to know!!! lol..'ve just beeen outt this world mehn..sooo lost....i need me some gist.

Nyways, the mag will be out in August..patience guys..its a virtue :)

we'r just busting our asses to make sure we bring u the best cuz you already know, your satisfaction is our #1 priority. Guaranteed! (ya..ya.. i didnt just steal that one from nybody)

Hopefully, 'll be back with better gist or things goin on..in the mean time,


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Your Crowning Glory...

Ladiez n Gents, how are ya’ll doing this weekend?? My weekend is goin pretty good..lots of parties and the likes of that...
Now, lets talk hair..yup ladies lets talk about this crowning glory as most of us would refer our hair as and for some of us, uhmm..not-so-much a crown more like a nuisance!
I know some of us sistahs don’t mess with our hair hence we don’t swim, CANNOT be caught in the rain, must visit the salon every month for regular upkeep n even go as far as deprive our selves of basic necessities like food n shopping treats to save up enough for our hair dressers..humph! tell me about it..

For the rest of us that cannot be bothered, i understand but Quit looking like you escaped from a troubled forest or a freak show for that matter..

you sure dont want looks like that

There just might be a better solution and NO 'm not talking Dr. Miracle buh thats gr8 too. Check this out. I know you’re dying to hear this. *drum rolls*


Yessir! I said it! As far as ‘m concerned, its the best solution yet to all your hair troubles..why?? cuz its convinent, verrrrry easy to fix plus its affordable..whaaat?? c’mon ladies, i heard ya...IT IS AFFORDABLE. You know it makes a lot more sense to spend $400 on hair that looks real, you can fix yourself and not have to spend loonnnng hours in the salon and have it last years!! Now compare that to spending $120 on two packs of remy hair every month, $100 to fix. Now thats already about $220 a month n thats been conservative cuz some of us spend waaay more than that every month unless of course you don’t mind a stinky winky hair...

Now Bee, thats more like it..And the differnce is CLEAR

Tosin rocking a lace front

Wanna look like a star? We think we know a thing or two about that So get with it. I know you have thought about it for sooo long. Now is the time to act and Save!

For more info and hair packages, send an email to lacewiginfo@gmail.com and you will very well be on your way to the NEW YOU!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer Stylin

Bright Colours
Don’t be afraid of colours! I remember a time when everyone was wearing colours like red, black, white etc. Its summer time baby and it’s time to bring the colours out.....orange, yellow, green, purple, blue!! T’would be helpful to save the harder-to-wear colors (yellow and orange) for footwear and handbags.

Gladiator sandals take center stage when you wear them, so choose something simple and plain to pair them with. Just because I loveeeeeee heels so much had to put up pic’s of them with heels. Aren’t they GORGEOUS!! I mean flats r cool and all but who on earth would pick flats when there r heels.....(no response needed!! All u flat lovers!!)

Floral Prints
Forget about the tender, ditsy prints of the past years that sometimes made u look like one of the characters of little house on the Prairie. The new floral is strong, modern and sometimes eye-popping! Skirts, tops, bags and even shoes are blooming in big floral prints.

Everyone’s tryna get African on us...next thing we know we’ll b seeing Paris Hilton rocking an Ankara dress! This new tribal trend consists of strong, graphic prints(black and white) combined with warm, earthy tones (browns, deep reds and oranges)

Maxi Dresses
The dresses are getting longer thank God! What a refreshing change. These dresses are mostly strapless or spaghetti straps and bold florals. These dresses may be trendy but are not universally flattering!

Coloured Sunglasses
Sunglasses were huge in the Eighties, and they're making a comeback! Forget your oversized bug glasses or the aviator styles sunnies, this summer, its square frames, plastic and colour all the way!


He or she must be thinkin theyre cool or sumthin LOL

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sex and the City!

Hellloooo people,
whatidddoooo?? hope your week went well and work/school was fun(not that its ever graavy) buh y'kno i thought 'd ask anyway.And for those of us chillin, howz that comin along, painful? boring? harrrd? , c'mon chillin cant be soo bad i mean its not rocketscience and if its not fun so far, and you're wondering what to do this weekend? grab your girls or boyz and go see the new movie SEX AND THE CITY.

Boy, did this movie get me dreaming? i mean 'm a dreamer..like it comes natural to me buh when that movie was done, its like i felt a light bulb flick in my head. THATS WHAT I WANNA DO!! i mean be like Carrie Bradshaw and work for a BIG magazine like vogue or 134Elitz and have tons of photoshoots like evryday and have a hair stylist, make up artist and all these fantastic labels at my beck and call! oh forget the stylist, I will style myself.

Buh it is one of my fantasies to have a walk in closet as my big as a room just like Carrie's and have all these invitations to super fabulous parties evry day and oooh live in a simple apartment like Carrie, have my P.A, go to mexico with my gurls when the man is been a jerk.

I usually dont do movie reviews..i dont even watch movies buh that was a GOOD MOVIE! i couldnt take my eyez off the screen even for one second..the fashion caught my attention hence It was soo worth the wait. So now that you know what i wanna be when i grow up..go grab a cock tail and dare to dream of your ideal life...aint nothin wrong with dreaming..its the first step.

Clips from the movie

Quote of the day: If you can imagine it and believe it, then you can acheive it.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Attraction VS Chemistry

Okay…I thought ‘d bring this here. Tosin n I were were having a convo yesterday and this subject came up. Is attraction enough to keep a lasting relationship? I think that for two people to bond and probably spend the rest of their lives together, they should have a lot of chemistry. Tosin on the other hand thinks chemistry should not be a necessity in making that big decision when attraction can suffice. Here’s the issue that got us thinkin..

A gurl meets a guy(true story)..one who’s nothing short of a perfect gentle man..In her list of must-haves, this guy meets and even surpasses her requirements..he’s one of those kinda guys u don’t really see in real life…those ones whom you only read about in romance novels buh there’s only one problem. There’s NO ‘CHEMISTRY’. So right off the bat, what ‘m thinkin is tough luck buh Tosin on the other hand thinks why not? If this guy is evry thing she wants in a man, chemistry is sufficient buh not necessary to keep a r/ship and that attraction alone is sufficient enough to keep a lasting r/ship.

She says if two people are attracted to each other they should go right ahead esp if this person is mister perfect like the whole nine yards..(good natured, caring, supportive, gentlemanly, ambitious, a non-wife beater ,spiritual attractive n did I mention RICH?)afterall who doesn’t want their kids to have good genes. Buh I guess I shoulda asked. Whts the difference btw attraction and chemistry?

From my knowledge of things, ‘m guessin attraction is physical and chemistry is phenomenal and is the advanced level of attraction..i think chemistry is inexplicable and more like the tingling or should I say the butterflies in one’s stomach. So if attraction is physical, can I safely say its closest to infatuation and since chemistry is sharing common grounds ,isn’t chemistry compatibility? Nyhoo, I digresss!

So what ‘m really asking is considering the fact that chemistry can fade off after a couple of years, will you let the perfect man/woman slide just because you have no ‘chemistry’?? cuz keep in mind that even though we all have our adonises which may range nywhere from Brad pitt to Boris Kodjoe, there’s no guarantee that if we were given the chance to meet with them, we’d ‘click’
Secondly, is attraction really just a socially constructed idea? Are we taught to be attracted to people of only a certain modification? Now that’s something to think about.. my friends.

Till we meet again, Same time, same station…next weeeek! Okay..’m not running a radio station here buh ya’ll should take it ezz…don’t 4get to smell the rosessss.


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tuface And Majek Fashek in Toronto

Helllo people!!
Whats happening??? So my lack of internet is reflecting on our relationship. I still don’t have internet at home..shame! Nyhoo, y’kno life goes on…actually, life is bubblicious right now cuz ‘m acquring a few survival instincts which I had looong b4 buh I saved for a time such as NOW. A day in the life of Ehi and Tosin is nothing buh SPONTANEITY+ ADVENTURE, nothing is planned out, nothing is thought of and I must tell ya, this go-with-the-flow life isn’t that bad..at all..i’ll fill you in with details when the time comes.

So Tuface and Majek were in town eh? Soooo what. Is that wut u said? So Ehi almost had her leg broken from pushing a mobbing crowd. I don’t think ‘d ever seen that many blaaack people my whole life..First off, the club capacity is prolly about 700 and by 1am, there were over 1500 avid fans, 25 rude ass cops, and check this, THREE bouncers tryna push by the barricade…Boy! It was kraaaazzy.

What was I doin there in all that madness? Actually, 134Elitz halps out with the planning in terms of décor for Eagle Haus when they have special occasions . So while I was supposed to be protecting our red carpet and stanchions and making sure we caught some good paparazzi moments on the red carpet, I had to multitask that with preventing this hyped up crowd from rushing in.

Nywayz, enough about the technicalities it was a very tiring weekend after that madness…and oh did I mention that it started drizzling? Ah..it got really cold! To add icing to the cake, Tosin n I didn’t end up getting in until the end of the show. When the helicopters and the rude asss cops arrived, they stopped evry one from getting in. but that was the day b4 show day.

The concert on saturday on the other hand, was really GOOOOOD!! Tuface brought down the house with his performance..I think he pretty much sang all his songz from plantashun boyz to his latest hits. And the rain maker Majek? Hah…that’s another story ‘d have to tell u personally

Quote of the day: Living at risk is jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down. b

Monday, May 12, 2008

Gidi Lounge+ moreee

Hey ya'll!

Its Monday and its a good day.Its the beginning of a new weeek and its gradually warming up outside..flowers are blossoming, pidgeons are flapping, its not sun set till 7pm..wow i cant help but think God's creations are just beautiful.

And in the spirit of good weather, all i can think is my pair of fashionista 60's sunglasses, my pair of very hott legz steming out of my mini denim's and of course my 4inch pumps exposing my freshly pedicured feet whilst sucking on a lolipop and strolling downtown like i have not a single care in the world...and i dont

Nyhooo, the main reason i am writing today is to give honour to whom honour is due..

First off, i'd like to congratulate Olumide Adewumi on the laucheon of his new website, www.gidilounge.com which amongst many other projects he's worked on is just dope! Gidilounge.com offers the very best of all genres of Nigerian music from Dbanj to Banky..ya'll should check it out.

Secondly, big ups to Ammar Kamara from Afri canadian heritage and beauty pageants.Ammar is the official host of Miss Africanadian beauty pageant..Afri Canada is celebrating 10 years of showcasing beautiful queens from all over Africa in ways that are fit and worthy of the African culture.

Its amazing to see young people putting their time and energy to its best use given our very limited resources..There's a thousand and one excuses people can give for not suceeding but when one (esp a student)is actually using their little money and time to do smthg worth while, they should be praised.

Nuff said!

And by the way, Tuface will be in Toronto live and direct come Saturday, May 16th. Also, Who knowz where Majek Fashek is? i remember being a BIG fan of his growing up and listening to his songz in the car stereo on my way to skool evry day...Nywayz, if ur like me that 1ders where the hell he's been, maybe you can get a chance to ask him urself..cuz he will be in Toronto as well this weekend performing with Tuface in Eagle Haus all here in da T-dot.

Shout out to my big sis, Amen on her birthday all the way in Winnipeg, Manitoba..More grease to your elbow sis.

The 2nd edition of 134Elitz will be out by July..And as alwayz, we need ur ideas and what you'd like to see on the next edition..bring all your ideas to the table and let us rub minds and as alwayz, we are leaving the position of the cover gurl open..if you think you got what it takes to grace the cover of the hottest lifestyle magazine,


134Elitz magazine is a quaterly publication with the next edition having 5000 copiez in print to be distributed all over Canada and Nigeria and online subsciption(coming soon). If you have a business or know anyone who owns a business and would love to showcase/expose their products and services, pls send us an email on 134elitz@gmail.com

I wish you a beautiful week ahead and God's blessings.
Hugs n kisses,

Friday, May 2, 2008

Good bye 134

Hello people!! Whats happening? whats poppin?

How was your week ya'll? mine went pretty goood except for some petty wahala sha..i call it petty cuz 'm still alive...things have been a little turbulent buh God is faithful.

Anywayz, the gist is that babes of 134Elitz have decided to MOVE ON!! yup, u heard me. No more 134!

No more 134 Hunter Street!! hahah...gotcha.You thought i was about to say no more 134ElitZ....ahn..ahn,God punish devil...lol(i just learnt that one)

After four fabulous and adventurous years, we have moved on to BIGGER n BETTER things!! The infamous 134 Hunter street is no more..its been a very wonderful n pleasant experience with our house and we just moved so i just thought i'd let ya'll in on that...boy! that house will be greatly missed. In the 4 yrs we stayed there, that house saw over 1000 faces nd 'm not even exaggerating. uhmm..If only those walls had ears.

Anywayz, thats by the way...the highlight of my week was when we were invited to a client's media release party and it was dinner and dance y'kno one of those classy, candle light events. And, guess what happened?? my hair caught fire!!! yes it did..i tell ya..it was on fire for almost 1minute and i didnt kno!

Okay, this is how it happened, i tilted my head to adjust my tie ups and before u knew it, the hair was in flames o...uhmm, the price we(black girls) have to pay. Anywayz, after that moment,i was xtremely pissed nd just looked around to see who saw my mini fireworks and err couldnt be bothered nymore joh buh i blew out the candle light sharply after that and just burst out laughing at myself.

And that was enough to keep me laughin...all nite long..nd 'm still laughing till now..lol

Before the fire:

After the fire:

lol....okay...not reallly..buh my hair really caught fire though :D
Ah well, thats about it for my week/weekend. It was a bizzy week lifting boxes and moving houses.

By the way, we are planning for the 2nd edition of the magazine due to be released in July. We have very big plans for it..of course the ist was great buh the 2nd is gonna be even bigger and better so watch out for it as we have a broader scope.

Hope u guyz r having a splendid weekend...whats happening with evry one this summer by the way. travelling? hustling? summer skool? working? getting married? or going with the flow? speaking of getting married, why's evry one around me gettin married? is that a coincidence or a sign? Evry saturday, i kno somebody who'll be getting married..its krazzzy! oh well, maybe i need to go get hitched tooo..o wait, i have to at least meeet a guy and date first ya? hah 'm a joker!!

Anywayz, thats about it lovers and friends, hope u have a goood weeekend and blessed week ahead.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

yahoo yahoo

these people need to stop, i mean they seem to b getting dumber...i checked the magazine email and i see an email stating.....

From: windowswins2@peoplepc.com
Reply-To: windowsclaims03@hotmail.com

One would think Yahoo and “Widows Live” could come up with their own email domain…

Date: Fri, 24 April 2008
Subject: Congratulations!! Yahoo & Windows Live award Beneficiary

Yahoo & Windows Live Awards Centre
124 Stockport Road, Longsight,
Manchester M60 2DB
United Kingdom.

This is to inform you that you have won a Cash prize of Two Hundred and fifty Thousand Great Britain Pounds ( £ 250,000) for the year 2007 Prize promotion which is organized by YAHOO & WINDOWS LIVE AWARDS PROGRAMME.

How likely is it that Yahoo and Microsoft would join forces to give away money?

The Management of Yahoo & Windows Live (Hotmail) collected all active email addresses online, among millions that subscribed to Yahoo and Hotmail and few from other e-mail providers. Ten (10) people are selected for the 2007 End of Year Award to benefit from this promotion and you are one of the Selected Winners.


Winners shall be paid in accordance with their Settlement Centres. Yahoo & Windows Live Award must be claimed not later than 14 days from date of Draw Notification. Any prize not claimed within this period will be forfeited and returned to its source as unclaimed.

Stated below are your identification numbers:

PIN: 1207

They didnt even be bother to come up with unique batch and reference numbers.

You are required to fill in your personal Information as written below and send it with your winning identification numbers to the Award Co-ordinator:

1. Full name:
2. Country:
3. Contact Address:
4. Telephone Number:
5. Fax Number:
6. Marital Status:
7. Occupation:
8. Sex:
9. Date of Birth /Age:
10. Identity card Number:

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Happy Wonderful New Year.

Congratulations!!! once again.

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OK this last part is the funniest.....as in foreal....if neone did not doubt this email at first this last part is d deal breaker lol. The very moment i saw this email i was like BUT WHYYYYY!! i think they need to check the nationality of the person that they r tryin to scam b4 they do it...reminds me of the time i got a random call from 9ja and it happened to be a 419 dude so d guy pitched to me and after he was done i was like "u do know i am Nigerian right..nice try" lol To make it worse after tryin to play me 419 d guy now tried to toast me lol IMAGIN I just had a good laugh abused him small and hung up on him. NIGERIANS WNHYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm tired!

Permit me to rant about my frustrations for a second...

I'm tired of being in debt.
I'm tired of evading phone calls cuz it just might be the creditors calling.
I'm tired of having to look at price tags before 'liking' a dress in the store.
I'm tired of eating to fill my tummy and quench my hunger and not having the liberty to eat what i want.
I'm tired of waiting till 6pm to answer my phone or avoid making long distance calls cuz of my high phone bills.
I'm tired of being broke!!
I'm tired of begging people to support me and my good cause..can i just be Oprah for a day and GIVE rather than beg?!?
I'm tired of begging for money for this wonderful project 'm working on
I'm tired of having to schmooze with people 'd normally not talk to cuz i need their help/money/connection
I'm tired of people getting my hopes up only to disappoint me
I'm tired of playing safe
I'm tired of being a good girl...i wanna trade places
I'm sooo tired of keeping quiet so i dont offend you with my words
I'm tired of whining and crying
I'm tired of 'hanging in there'. 've been doing that since...well, since i was born
I'm tired of managing
I'm tired of insufficient funds; mortgage bills; Tax bills; Hydro bills; cable bills; bills; bills; bills.. Every where i look
I'm soo tired of these damn envelopes coming in the mail
I'm tired of your fake promises and false hopes
I'm tired of having to please you and every one
I'm tired of setting goals and not achieving them
I'm tired of being compared to others; Can i just be me for a quick second?
I'm tired of being taken for granted
I'm tired of trying to be an 'A' student so what if i'm a 'B' student?
I'M tired of being judged by the color of my lipstick and the size of my heels and even the length of my skirt..i want to be judged by my abilities and my talents...better still dont even judge me at all..who made you a judge?

I really have had enough and 'm positive the tide is turning!!

But as always, 'm gonna package all my cares and burdens very neatly and hand it over to God...and thats where 'm leaving it!

*Sigh* I feeeel better.Thank you for your listening ears or your open eyez


Saturday, April 19, 2008

What is there to do?!

hey darlings, hope ya'll are doin as great as i am...OMG! 'm bored as hellll...can somebody tell me what to do in this city of Hamilton?!?

i just wake up just to go back to bed again..where's my nite life?? i lost it..booo

Anyways, in all of this boredom 've been reading a couple of books...gooood inspirational books, watchin a lot of T.V, dancing a lot(smthg i need to learn!
) uhmm..., making some serious grammatical errors! lawd have mercy!,fooling around a lot..speakin of which. I made a video out of some pix from the launch party....see?? 'm doin smthg good with my free time. :D

Check it outt!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

…From a sharp Edo girl to a filthy 9ja man

Ok…guyz, Tosin and I have actually been wondering a lot on the thoughts of the Nigerian male…Now, you guys know you are just too hard to understand which is contrary to my beliefs.

I was told…or rather made to believe that gurls were very complicated and each of us should have been born with an operating manual buh yo, ya’ll male species have been trippin recently…..and the straw that just broke the camel’s back for me was when we were having a conversation with this Nigerian guy who’s supposed to be a “Toaster” and listen to what his thoughts/suppositions were on Nigerian gurls according to the level of disgust...the one which i find to be the least disgusting is the fact that we'r gold diggers.

1. Filthy Nigerian Man: Nigerian girls are gold diggers and all we ever want from them is money, money and more money.

My Response: ‘m sorry mister, buh if you cant take care of me, what in the world are we doing together? and who doesnt like money? at least we want ur money..u shld be happy...lol..buh don’t get it twisted, ur money isn’t everything so don’t be thinkin u can buy me by showing me ur fleet of cars and ‘mistakenly’ leaving ur bank statement in MY CAR! Yes my car…its okay for beautiful sistahs like us to own breath taking cars..aint nothing wrong with that

2.Filthy Nigerian Man: Nigerian girls are just like men! They don’t show any emotions..what buddy was trying to say basically was that, we’r not dolly enough, I think he tried to slap a 9ja babe and she gave him back hand almost immediately

My Response: Duh! I think he was expectin her to start throwing teddy bears at him and burst out crying and maybe threaten to call the cops on him…ahn..ahn.. 4get the cops, we’ll beat you with our bare hands..lol

And just because we don’t go around speaking in high pitches and totally getting wasted (as my oyibo folks will say it) and OMG, looking like we just strolled out of T.V doesn’t mean we’r not feminine..we’ve just had enough and we don’t think dumbing down is qute in any language.

3 F.N.M: He’s learnt a lot along his course of dating buh the most important thing he’s learnt is that in order to save money, date UGLY gurls, they’re much cheaper! He says that ugly gurls don’t stress you with demands and are quite content with whatever you give them.

My Response: oh well…that’s a justification for being a gold digger I guess…seeing that ‘m not ugly..hope u can foot the bill…’m very high maintenance

4 F.N.M: He says that whenever he tries to ‘chop’ a girl and she has a clique of friends, there’s always the attractive and beautiful girl and she always has an ugly best friend who’s always cock blocking

M.R: Ya..maybe it was not her ugly best friend buh your pant sagging, poor grammar, visibly burnt self confidence self tryna talk to my gurl with those cheezy lines…friends don’t let friends make mistakes like that..so go make necessary adjustments to your physical b4 u try to pick a babe up.

And this last one takes the crown as the most disgusting idea of all time.

5. F.N.M: No sex, No deal!

M.R: I don’t know how guyz think that until they have sex with you , they cant call you “my girl” since when do you have sex with someone to 'confirm' you can date them?? I’ve been hearing this one too many times…nd i am sick of it! this guy fully told me no matter how much he likes a gurl and ‘date’, if he doesn’t sleep with her, then she might as well be one of his acquaintances. I understand if the anatomical structure of a male is designed to LONG for sex, buh whatever happened to affection and companionship?

My friend here says if he doesn’t ‘tear’ (meaning if he doesn’t sleep with ) the gurl, she can 4get abt it…He said honestly that he reason any guy would be interested in a gurl ultimately is for the sole purpose of SEX!! No matter how long it takes..and love is just smthg that happens along the way…if there’s any truth to that statement, how about we just add this to our intro..hello, my name is - and I don’t like condoms…can you imagine a world like that? ewwww… No thanks!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Forgotten Work

Wow i was looking through a video from one of the photoshoots and i saw a particular picture that i dont remember seeing in the magazine! I pick up a copy of the magazine and go to the pages allocated to that designer and lo and behold the picture was not there! I guess we were soo stressed and preoccupied that we missed a picture! The annoying part was that i remember during that particular photoshoot it was the last outfit left and we had run out of time with our photographer so we BEGGED him to just have a couple of shots of that dress cuz we loved it lol. Funny isn't it, it didnt even end up going in the magazine! So heres the picture below

Dont you just love the colour combination, its so bright and vibrant! The picture was supposed to be tagged DELICATELY SENSUAL. Since it wasnt in the magazine we are putting it up on here. Hopefully i will be able to post the video from the photoshoot soon. Its been really driving me CRAZYYYYY! the video has been sitting in my camcorder since last year because i have been unable to upload it cuz the computer is not reading the USB connection...and i dont have the cd rom to download it :-( so yehhh i decided to look on the internet (my new best friend) for solutions. So wish me luck if by tonite its on the site that means i succeeded yay! Neways im gonna continue on my quest for the solution to the camcorder dilemma. Toodles!


Saturday, April 5, 2008

OMG she did not just.....

This babe did not just fully give u guys half gist lol nways lemme complete it for all y'all. Tell me y we were at eagle haus and someone throws a bundle of cash in the air. i mean it was raining twenties! Before i knew it i just saw ehi reaching down in her very short dress to grab the money LOL den d babe den realized that her dress was to short to bend down so she actually called my name to go pick some up as she was struggling to do so. In one swift motion i reached for the the babe and grabbed her shouting "ARE U MAD!!! WILL U GET UP FROM THERE!!!" that was d funniest thing dat night mehn....After i successfully pulled her up d babe still had the nerve to be asking me y i pulled her up!!! i looked her up and down and responded........BABE LIKE YOU!!! LOL But hey i completely understand, with our current financial situation maybe i should have bent down to pick money too LOL

This is right before she bent down to pick money..lol

signing out

My New Life

Oh My God you guyz, i am tired! 'm extremely exhausted!! Its like this new bizzy life 'm finding myself in is kraaaazzy...Ever since the press release party, 've been sleeeeping like 'm on a sleeep pill or something..its like i can never get enough rest. NEVER!!

I literally wake up, just to eat and talk to Tosin and phew! 'm offf to bed again..am i okay?? *sigh* and i still have to study with whatever little time i have..oh well...'ll be alright, exams r in a couple of dayz, i betta be!

I agree we need to give this blog of ours some more attention .its like we get caught up in sooo much and totally 4get about our sweet little blog...so 'm making a commitment to ya'll..This blog will NEVER go a week without gettin updated except of course i have no gist for ya'll then u cant KILL me so help me God.

So, what have we been up to? uhmm..quite a lot..just finished the very first edition of our very HOTTT & Spicy magazine...when i saw the mag for the first time, it wasss total blisssss...words can not describe my feeling. it was LOVE at first sight..i fell in love..if u havent picked a copy of the magazine, can i ask what you'r waiting for??? plsssss do! u'd love it.i PROMISE ya..'m not even bragging r nything like that..buh dayummm! it is sooooo out of this world..its hawwwt and u've NEVER seen nything like it b4 i guarantee you. BTW, its not smthg someone can tell u abt u have to see it urself so GRAB UR COPY NOWWWWW.

So the first 100 copiez were signed..nd i felt really honored signing those babies..as alot of you who insisted on all 4 signatures gave us work. we loved it tho..y'kno, speaking of which, i was gonna tell ya'll of this new found fame...hehehhe...'m lovin it btw..lights camera action..evry friggin place..like seriously guyz, leave me the HELL alone! hehehehe..oooooooh gawd NO! r u jokin?!? keeep it coming..'m lovin evry minute of it.

oh..one more thing i wanted to gist u about..so goin to parties has bcome my job ooo..even when i dont want to go..nywayz, 'm out evry weekend now by force(nd the wardrobe will be alright..for those that care to think how the hell i can pull tht off)soooooo, i was chillin with ur boy Sauce kidd last night at Eagle Haus and for those of you who dont kno the kidd, he sang yeba riba sombori bobo..u kno how that song goes tho and flex with riz..nd can i say he was just sooooo sweeet! Amazing guy!!

This was us posing with VIP artists...all the way from Ghana!!

More about that later..right now people, babes have to go study!
'll let you know how the rest of my weekend goes if nything interesting happens...okey dokey?

Dont 4get Ehi Luvs ya..

Friday, April 4, 2008

After all is said and done!!!

Well guys we had the official launch of the magazines!!! it is finally up for grabs so you can send an email to 134elitz@gmail.com to grab ur copy cuz its selling out pretty damn fast.

Anyways lets set the business talk aside and talk bout wuts been going on with us since the release. The last 2 weeks before the launch was pretty much the most stressful days of my life! What didn't i experience....from ups to downs, disappointments to successes, failures to breakthroughs....we experienced them all. I mean there were times where i would sit down and just start laughing for no reason, i was literally going CRAZY! There were soo many odds against us im still trying to figure out how everything came to pass...actually i do know...by the grace of GOD.

There were a couple of things dat happened that we were like "its a lie its the devil" and started to rebuke it lol but yeh very few people will understand what went down and its one hell of along story to start typing out so u can holla at me personally for a full break down. Neways i really want to thank all those that came for the launch party it was such a success!!! Heres a video of the event below.

Well there was fashion show, raised some money, people from different age groups showed up, people from all over canada showed up as well woot woot!! and last but not least we completely sold out of 100 autographed copies on the day of the release!!!!

The magazine is GREAT, i didn't even know how great it was untill i saw it in print. It was pretty phenomenal seeing something you have worked so hard for finally come to life. We also surprised everybody cuz nobody expected a 2 cover magazine!!! NO U DIDNT! So we are officially the only 2 covered African magazine in the world!

This edition was great but we promise to bring bigger and better things in the rest to come, we have too many great ideas now its time to bring them to life. I see good things for the summer, photoshoots outside, nice bright colours, very bright makeup, and expanding our editorial features beyond Nigerians. I am sure alot of you are not aware of this but we directed majority of the photoshoots for the magazine so if you have any ideas that u would love to see come to life send us an email to 134elitz@gmail.com

I'm gonna leave y'all with one thing..."DREAMS DO COME TRUE"