Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas brings with it the joys of the holiday season!
Share the merriment and happiness of the holidays with all your friends,family,near and dear ones...
wish them an enjoyable time and show them what Christmas is all about.."love and sharing"
Go on, make these holidays more fun and memorable for them with these wonderful wishes.


Sunday, December 9, 2007


Wow!!! Guyz, its not a rumour..wut you heard was true..Lummy has finanlly cut his hair and as a matter of fact, 134ElitZ was there! alright, i wont be modest...We were actually influential in the decision to take down the locks..y'kno, we love our boyz lookin freshhhh. So what? now he's cut his hair...big deal! YESSS....BIG deal. Now he can bathe and run water over his scalp, he can pass for a cover boy, he can actually go for an interview and get the job as a matter of fact, he can meet my MOMMMY! Now good looks means alot to us at 134 Hunter and thats why my heart danced when that clipper slided thru his hair..aahhh what a relief! After Lummy had masked his good looks for four years with that hair, it calls for celebration that finanlly, THE LOCKS ARE DOWN!

We even caught it on camera so here's a sneak peek, enjoy!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Which girlfriend are you??

L-R Lynn, Maya, Joan, Toni

You know how there are different clicks of girls maybe living together or just friends.... and all members of the click are similar to at least one of the characters in a particular sitcom, well yeah we are no different lol. i guess the show that best exemplifies our VERY different personalities would be girlfriends. I'm sure you guys are familiar with the show and its characters...Joan..Maya...Toni( event though she's off the show), and Lynn....can u guess who fits who??

it was XTREMEMLY HARD but finallyyyyyy we figured it out....i dont know what you guys think think but here's wut we came up wit.....

L-R Tina, Tosin, Kaffy , Ehi

Ehi is definitely Joan without a doubt lol we didn't even argue about that..she is CRAZY and for those that watch the show you guys know how crazy Joan gets..the perfect example are those moments when ehi just randomly begins to laugh at the stupidest shit lol..and it seems to happen more often these days lol. she is wayyyy to jolly for my liking lol..she is also considered the unofficial "den mother" of the group, given that she looks out for everyone even while dealing with her own problems which is Kinda like Joan's character as well

hmmmm welll this now is quite obvious but those who know this babe know that she is too damn damn straightforward and the self proclaimed "cute one" of the group lol....of course who else would she be but good old Toni. its too bad Toni is no longer on the show tho....

This babe is probably the most confident of the group, also very bold and smart-mouthed as well which is probably y she always bumping heads with miss Tina lol for those who know them y'all know its true. O HELL NO!! dis babe has got to be Maya, who is the sassiest of the group and is often at odds with Toni.

HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM where do i start with kaffy.....i guess she would just have to be Lynn lol...even though they're not exactly alike they do have some similar Lynn is really is kaffy....Lynn is still finding is kaffy.....hmmm i think dats about where it ends LOL

well thats what we kinda came up wit...i think everyone was kinda onpoint with the match except Kaffy, but hey miss K is always LOST so why should this be different lol..nah im just kidding she is just too unique, there's no one out there like her neither on TV nor on earth LOL


tell me why one day out of d blue we were feeling adventurous we hopped in the car and took a drive for an hour and a half all for sugar trips lol...this wasnt just any was the craving of all cravings...neone who has been to Dmitri's will understand wut da hell im talking bout lol. *Pardon my french* when it comes to things like this i get a little bit emotional lol. I can still see it like i was there yesterday....the nice big fluffy waffle topped with the sweetest tastiest strawberries, but no that wasn't enough they just had to top it off with the creamiest whipped cream i had ever tasted, cinnamon sprinkles mmmmhmmmmmm im styll thinking bout it. We were definitely gurls ona mission and we fulfilled that GUILTY PLEASURE.

I'm not even gonna say who this is cuz no i am not a grubber! LOL

Sweet tooth

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Wow i didnt know how turbulent this journey would be untill we got fully into it...boy im with ehi on this one bout the kissing ass, im a professional at it now!! i mean we literally have to pump each individuals ego. i dont know whether its an advantage or a disadvantage that all the people that show any interest in even helping us are of the opposite sex.... its tough out there for a young, may i add im taking it to far now lol! but its really hard out there for ladies like us to be taken seriously just because people expect the least from us. I find us always having to prove ourselves over and over again. It was especially hard in the beginning when we weren't sure either what we wanted out of this whole business venture as well, we were still grasping what it was all about, and were learning to deal with and talk to people. One thing i find is that people will only take you seriously when you take yourself seriously....i mean i wish i had a video recorder taping everything from day 1, when it all began, to now. I never dreamed or anticipated it would go this far, i mean it started off as something small and grew to be a huge project. It's gotten to the point that if you miss one day in this journey it would b hard to go back and fill you in on whats going on. In one day so much could have changed, so much could have been achieved, and so much could have been lost. Alot of things are very spontaneous and if decisions are not taken immediately opportunities could be lost. I also find that the deeper we get into the business the more we are able to sieve out unnecessary people. when you have a vision that you are working towards, anyone that does not or cannot draw u closer to that vision must be sieved out because if they're not adding to it then they are slowing you down. Its funny cuz at a point i thought it wasnt going to get better.. i mean after a couple of trips down to toronto.....may i add that we were spending money in hopes to get money!! i know in principle it works but what happens in the case where u never get the money back!! well thats our story.... sad but true lol. i mean i literally became a pest..calling people n asking them bout the money they promised to sponsor lol. it took us a couple of unsuccessful trips down and posting phone calls to realize that we weren't getting jack from those guys so we did what any normal bitter person would do...we started to use them to catch trips lol. We would call them just to bug them, hear what their next excuse was, then laugh it out lol. wow what a way to release stress lol. i mean there is nuttin worse than a toasters who cant deliver..if you know u dont have dont say you have!!! i think we should branch out into a new division...134 ElitZ collectors agency lol we will bug the hell outta you untill u give us our money lol. nways jokes apart its been a crazy couple of weeks...I find that each new person we meet these days have more to offer than d ones we met d day b4. it just keeps gettin better. nways babes r tired right my eyes r closing...dont kno when next i will have time to come back here but hey dont miss me too much ;)


P.s cant blive i almost forgot about the memory verse for the day!! that would have been a disaster phewwww our verse is.....................................
boys r stupid, throw rocks at them !!!!
this is for all those guys that never take us gurl's seriously just cuz we bootyful :D

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Ok...where do i start to brief you guyz? uhmm...alot has happened since we last spoke. Infact, there's a new development on 134ElitZ evry hour no joke! we are working on more creative ideas to give you a whole package so ya'all have to be patient with us. Rumor has it that we have a set publishing date just before christmas. Anywayz, lets leave that For l8r..i really came here to vent my fraustrations on the act of politicking or schmoozing.First off, tell me why evry time i set off with my girls to go seekin for sposorship all we get are people posting us here and there. "Come today, come tomorrow" is the order of the day. I mean..if u didnt want to sponsor us in the 1st place, why make exuberant promises?? and being drunk or intoxicated by my good looks is not an xcuse. If you dnt have money, just say so dammit!! it helps both parties( the beggar and the show-offer). really i find most guys just making promises when with their rich friends whom they want to impress and they tell you to call them and when u do, its all story tellin. We have actually had some of them transit 4rm being toasters and of course after promising the world,immediately u mention the magic word SPONSORSHIP, they flee! Reagrdless tho, our persistence is paying off as i actually see light at the end of the tunnel.Nywayz,i think 'm deviating 4rm the topic. I came here with the intention of tellin you how much i suck in the act of sucking up...we've had to do alot of tht this past week and its alwayz soo...u kno wut? 'm exhausted!! its been one hell of a day with 134ElitZ and i think i jst might sign out now. 'll fill you guyz in on my schmoozing skillz the next time i get the chance to...Something to take out of this is that when one door closes,another window opens ALWAYZ!!

Ciao, Ehi

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Grand Opening Eagle Haus

Wow what a week! This magazine industry aint ez at allll....well today was the grand opening of the first nigerian club in toronto!! its been a rollercoaster week cuz the ladies of 134ElitZ were covering the event. We wanted to make it as glamorous as possible so we decided on making it a red carpet affair, the whole light camera action package. We had meeting with the club owner discussing the redcarpet idea with him, which i may add that he LOVED, but unfortunately already had alot on his plate to deal with. So the only way to get what we wanted was to make it happen ourselves. We basically offered to do all the research, running around, and all that stuff to get all the equipments that were needed. Boy it was not ez! We didnt know how much work it was untill we got started. We had no idea what to do or where to start looking. So like normal people in this day and age we turned to the internet. I mean thank God for the internet cuz without that sucker our job would have been alot harder. Nways we just searched and pretty much came up with a list of places we could get all the equuipments. we made a couple of phone calls, ordered some stuff, and booked deliviers. We were all hyped about the whole idead cuz we always had this redcarpet fantasy and we were actually going to fulfill it. We wcould already visualize how it would be, people rolling up to the club with their posh rides looking all fly, them walking down the red carpet and posing infront of the backdrop to take pictures!! Well everything was set and we were pumped and ready the day of the event. We set out first to go pick up the red carpet and stanchions at about lets say 2pm. We were scehduled to arrive at the lights/backdrop store at about 4, 4:30pm to confirm out orders. Well lets just say we got stuck in traffic and didnt get to downton toronto untill bout 4pm. Being the smart girl that i am i suggested that we called the equipment rental office to infrom them that we would be late and that they should bare with us. Tell me why when we called to confirm out equipment they were tellin us some nonsense bout how we didnt request a delivery, and how their delivery guy was done for the day. Then i started getting nervous cuz not only was there no means for the lights and backdrop to get to the venue but we were also getting lost!!! i was driving, stressing bout the equipment, while at the same time watching my glamourous dream crumbling before my eyes! Not only did we not have a delivery but the store was closing in 30 minutes!!! We were completely lost, would not be able to get to the rental place in time to even attempt a pickup, plus we had not eaten the whole day....We had come to the conclusion that there was no way we would have made it in time so we began to beg!!! I dont remember the last time i begged anyone for anything but i coudlnt just stand by and watch my plans fall apart! All i asked for was for one person to stay behind just for a couple of extra minutes to process the transaction, but no one was willin to... i was soo dissapointed....i mean if i was in the same situation to help someone out i know a couple of minutes would not kill me...Well such is life, to cut the long story short....we didnt end up gettin the backdrop and lights, we were hungry as hell, and not only dissapointed but frustrated as well. Do u kno how it feels to have a vision of the way something should look and almost half of what is needed is not available! well thinsg werent looking so bright anymore....not only were we dissapointed but we had to dissapoint other people who were counting on us as well. It was like we would not be able to live up to expectation. Anyways we just chested it, picked up the phone and started making phonecalls to try and improvise. We came up with a little sumthin, and finally got a break. It wasnt the original plan, but we would have to make it work. Wow im getting sleepy.....i didnt realize how long it would take to tell this story...nways gettin off point!! we got to the venue set up the red carpet, stanchions, and the improvised lights. Funny enough after getting to the venue we actually realized that the original backdrop and lighting plan would not have worked seeing as they were supposed to be set up outside and it was wayyyyy to cold to ask people to stand outside and pose for the camera, especially since it aint so cute to be seeing pics of people in their jackets! Well by the end, everything worked out for the best. One thing we realized out of this experience was that if something is not working out dont stress, let it be, everything happens for a reason. Our memory verse for day: whatever will be will be!!!!

Toodles :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007



Let us tell you a little story about how it all began. I was chilling with my girls, on the bed talking about life, guyz, success….. to be specific we were celebrating the launching of our gurl’s clothing line…we ended up having a heated conversation about achieving success based on interest and talents. This got us thinking about things we’ve always wanted to do, but never bothered to implement. We always thought there would be plenty of time to fulfill those dreams after we’re done school. Soon we realized there is no better time than NOW. With the different personalities of the girls at 134 H Street, we all wanted to do something that brought a little bit of each persons personality and interests. One of us always wanted to be in a magazine or commercial but never got the chance to. The other loved to dress up and was our social butterfly. The third loved to gist and always knew the who, what, when, and where. Finally the last but not the least …lets just say she’s the one that keeps everything on track and focused. We decided to come out with a magazine based on all these interests. Our words to you….to get ahead, get started!!!