Friday, February 1, 2008


Im sure everyone knows how it feels when bored. You feel lazy or want to do sth interesting but u cant. Having something to engage yourself in is very important if not you end up acting very spontaneous without thinkin'.

Always think of givin urself a treat/indulge when u feel this way. You can start by gettin' yourself some pack of toblerone just like im doin right now LOL!!
Tune to the weather station n check if its safe to go out. Prepare urself in ur gym wear and head for kick boxin' then go for a massage, manicure and pedicure. Afterwards u can invite ur boss for dinner if his wife is away...make sure u have dessert to go, tht usually helps coz when u get back home u usually feel hungry again. When u get back, pick up ur phone and call ur loved ones..I mean pple who miss you and want to talk to you.


Ps.. I need more ideas on what to do when next I get bored.


Makeup Mania!

Hello lovers & friends,
Its February 1st and thankfully its a snow day!! what better thing to engage in than tell you about what we love the most about glitz & glamour. MAKEUP!!
For those that know us you know that we love to play with makeup, but recently i have fallen in love with the art or creativity when it comes to applying makeup. We have definitely done some crazy designs and mixing of colours and creating different patterns. Well people have different taste when it comes to makeup. some like the good old fashioned and simple, simple enough to blend in but visible enough to make a difference, while the others just like very veryyy visible lol which i may add is me!

Au Naturelle
You feel comfortable in your own skin, and why not! you cant even be bothered to put on any makeup cuz you feel like u don't need to, you don't have time to and could care less to make time, or you simply just don't care. You feel like people should love you however you look, good or bad....hey maybe sometime they'll even throw in some lipgloss, but dont bet on colour! lol

sometime they say the simpler the better. At this stage you understand that makeup is only a beauty enhancer. You do put some colour on, maybe some gold eyeshadow, a little bit of eyeliner, maybe some colored lip know what im talkin bout! This is more of like the girl next door kind of look.

SpunkyThis is taking girl next door to a whole other level. You're a little bit adventurous here, venturing out into multiple colored eyeshadow, a lot brighter. Well you haven't exactly gone into wearing blue lipstick! but blue eyeshadow will definitely work!


This is just crazy! So many colours, i am so in love with all of these and hope to try them one day. You never know maybe the next photo shoot we have i'll test them out.

Which one are you, Au Naturelle or spunky?