Friday, October 24, 2008

Who Ran this sUCKA!!!

In this edition of WHO RAN THIS SUCKA Eniola Hundeyin of DAVID and yours truly were both caught wearing the same Old Navy metallic skirt and grey t- shirt by Montreal designer Fran├žois Beauregard. firstly, I must applaud us for rocking the Old navy skirt that most people couldn't pull off with such fabulosity! But the real question is...WHO RAN THIS SUCKA??? Please vote and let your responses be EHI, ENIOLA...or if you can't make up your mind, then fine...BOTH!

I think Eni brought out the versatility of this outfit with the blazer and beret making it easy to wear to all sorts of occasions however nothin says simplicity n elegance more than the way Ehi wears it buh nyways, i think it was generally worn very well by both ladiez or what du you think?

Have a FAB weekend ya'll

Thursday, October 23, 2008

FABulous Toronto

Hey ya'll,

whats happening? Hope your week went well..mine was greaaat (thnx 4 askin) so its the last day of the infamous L'oreal fashion week here in Toronto..what better time to rave about fashion. Just a little background, i'm an enthusiast for fashion, i love good looks buh i'm not sure i fit into the strict definition of a fashionista..nyways, 'm pretty sure like most of you reading this, there's a lot of designs/looks i see on runways that i just dont get!

On the other hand, 've always wondered about who defines whats wearable and whats not..In this regards, i think fashion is definetely subjective. In my case, the way i project myself and my looks stems from my state of mind. It just so happens that i'm always boistereous and excited hence i alwayz look colorful and go-go (whtever that means) nyways enuf about i guess what you wear and your total image can look like you just walked out of costume party but if you feeel absolutely comfy with it? Go ahead!

I compiled some pictures from the L'oreal fashion week..some i loveee n some i just dont get!

Is this a raincoat??

Uhmm..not my forte!

My favourites

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Skinny Issues

Hey People!!

'm on a ball this week eh? Let me take you through issues that come up in my life on a day to day basis. Mind you, i have a lot of least 'd like to think so and they are very intellectually sound and opinionated so we pretty much have a mini talk show evry other day!

Some of the arguments we have range from petty stuff as whether to go to L'oreal fashion week or not to less trivials like who to fall in love with (do u fall in love or do u stroll into it), how long should you know a man before you become intimate regardless of the level of intimacy (even a hand shake), to go back to your homeland and give back or to stay in the west and 'amass wealth'? send your kids to boarding school or not? inter racial date or not? nappy hair or relaxed hair? how Afrocentric are you?

First off, i realize these are some really sensitive issues but if i may ask, how Canadian are you, how American or British are you? ( and 'm not talkin to u, you dis immigrant!..i kid), how Jamaican are you? how African are you? more so how Nigerian are you? and i have never felt insulted when people mistake me for Caribbean or Ethiopian or whatever nationality. Matter of fact , i didnt know some pple felt slighted about it maybe cuz 've never felt the need to prove my 'Nigerianess' to anybody..hah! damn accent always gives it

Speaking of accent, what makes you Nigerian? is it your accent? your hang out joints? your friends? the play list on your ipod? your lifestlye? your hair do? your manners? your choice of food? your language?

It doesnt matter what colour of passport you are carrying, you and i know that when it comes down to it, ur still not oyibo. Some people have denouced their nationality and exchanged their identity for somebody else's.There's a lot that comes with being Nigerian in the Western world as it has its up's and down's...sometimes you just want to be Nigerian only at your convinience

There's a lot of nationalities you could have been but you were chosen by God to be Nigerian,there's nothing you can do about that now, too late buddy.. and 'm not saying you should not be open to other cultures that aint my tune at all but try to touch base with your roots.

Be part of the solution. be the change you want to see.

Its who you are. Live it! Love it! Embrace it!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Thanks For The Weight!

Hello darlings,

How are ya'll doing? Its been a hot minute since we last spoke. We've been out of the loop..i know and i apologize. You know we have just taken some time off this blogosphere to do our homework, because it is necessary that when you have big things lined up, you take some time off to PLAN so yea..thats what we've been doing.

So, in our time off, alot has happened...yea..soooo much has been happening with us as a crew and 've had to do alot of mind 'll just share wuts on my mind as of today as in NOW.

In the process of publishing the next issue of our fabulous mag, we've had to do some creative directing for photoshoots and auditions for models and then 'IT' struck me, a very touchy and highly debatable issue. 'IT' has resulted in a alot of broken marriages, accounts for self esteem issues amongst lots of teens and adult women, #1 cause of stress and depression in women, causes strife and it. As you might have guessed ,'IT' is the issue of WEIGHT.

As i write this, i cant help buh ask pls people, what is the ideal weight?

Size 8?
Size 10?
Size 12?
Size 14?
dammit! Size ZERO??

Okay, so how did you answer that question. Is ideal what you think a man thinks is sexy? what other women think is flattering? what you see on magazines and t.v or what is healthy?

Genetically, we know that African women are naturally curvier with a little more cushion or meat so to speak, on our bodies..does that disqualify us from the run ways and magazines?

I know that generally, the western world is battling with acceptance on the so called 'plus size' model..if there's a plus sized model on a reality show, its out of this world..llike its a BIG deal, then you see things like the recent dove commercial that emphasizes beauty in all shapes n sizes and moreso the INfamous Jenny Craig with Queen Latifah's size-healthy-campaign.

i've even heard before that men like women with a little more volume, whereas it's us WOMEN for the most part who like to be its about the men...ya..sometimes it is about men..buh ehnn whatever they have no concept of sizing!

I definitely agree that the pressure to be thin and look a certain way is about women competing with other women and being catty cuz we can be very judgemental and some of us female species just specialise in breaking down each other's self esteem.

FACT: The female bodily beauty is 30% age, 25% waist-to-hip ratio, 25% BMI, 10% height and relative leg length, and 10% breast size.

Okay here's what i think :
1. ATTITUDE is important.

Regardless of the number at the back of your shirt, carry that body you've got like its the best thing that has happened to planet earth...since Adam. i call it 'SWAG' 'm sure Eve had some..walkin around the damn garden in scanty

2. Dress Well: Now dont misconstrue this as me saying you cannot be a size whatever, but 'm pretty sure no one loves flabs so pls dress your age..ditch the poorly fitting clothes and muffin tops. quit shoppin in the kids section..dress accroding to your body not what u see on tabloids. Hollywood is a product of fantasy not reality anyways. So if you need to get a stylist please do! i know a few who'd be happy to help.

More important to me than any number is your HEALTH its essential that you eat only the good stuff..your body is not a trash can and if you dont take care of it, you'd have no place to live! (more on that l8r)

So if you care to ask, whats my ideal weight? Just like Queen, 'm a size healthy baby!

So we'r back and very well on our way to being the #1 lifestyle magazine in Africa.

134Elitz, Realizing the power of self definition and empowering people to be the best they can be.

Thanks for the wait guyz its good to be back!