Monday, July 21, 2008

Busy Times!

Hello darlings,

sorry we went AWOL on ya' deliberate intentions to stay silent.We have beeen goin thru some tooough and busy times. Basically,we've just been all over the place attempting to publish the 2nd issue of the magazine..pardon us i beg of you.

Mean while, whats been going on with you guyz?? howz summer and all? aNy new gist? wuts new? how are dem boyfriends or girl friends or work or summer skool or life in genral..who's getting married n who just got dumped?? i need to know!!! lol..'ve just beeen outt this world mehn..sooo lost....i need me some gist.

Nyways, the mag will be out in August..patience guys..its a virtue :)

we'r just busting our asses to make sure we bring u the best cuz you already know, your satisfaction is our #1 priority. Guaranteed! (ya..ya.. i didnt just steal that one from nybody)

Hopefully, 'll be back with better gist or things goin the mean time,