Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sex and the City!

Hellloooo people,
whatidddoooo?? hope your week went well and work/school was fun(not that its ever graavy) buh y'kno i thought 'd ask anyway.And for those of us chillin, howz that comin along, painful? boring? harrrd? , c'mon chillin cant be soo bad i mean its not rocketscience and if its not fun so far, and you're wondering what to do this weekend? grab your girls or boyz and go see the new movie SEX AND THE CITY.

Boy, did this movie get me dreaming? i mean 'm a it comes natural to me buh when that movie was done, its like i felt a light bulb flick in my head. THATS WHAT I WANNA DO!! i mean be like Carrie Bradshaw and work for a BIG magazine like vogue or 134Elitz and have tons of photoshoots like evryday and have a hair stylist, make up artist and all these fantastic labels at my beck and call! oh forget the stylist, I will style myself.

Buh it is one of my fantasies to have a walk in closet as my big as a room just like Carrie's and have all these invitations to super fabulous parties evry day and oooh live in a simple apartment like Carrie, have my P.A, go to mexico with my gurls when the man is been a jerk.

I usually dont do movie reviews..i dont even watch movies buh that was a GOOD MOVIE! i couldnt take my eyez off the screen even for one second..the fashion caught my attention hence It was soo worth the wait. So now that you know what i wanna be when i grow up..go grab a cock tail and dare to dream of your ideal life...aint nothin wrong with dreaming..its the first step.

Clips from the movie

Quote of the day: If you can imagine it and believe it, then you can acheive it.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Attraction VS Chemistry

Okay…I thought ‘d bring this here. Tosin n I were were having a convo yesterday and this subject came up. Is attraction enough to keep a lasting relationship? I think that for two people to bond and probably spend the rest of their lives together, they should have a lot of chemistry. Tosin on the other hand thinks chemistry should not be a necessity in making that big decision when attraction can suffice. Here’s the issue that got us thinkin..

A gurl meets a guy(true story) who’s nothing short of a perfect gentle man..In her list of must-haves, this guy meets and even surpasses her requirements..he’s one of those kinda guys u don’t really see in real life…those ones whom you only read about in romance novels buh there’s only one problem. There’s NO ‘CHEMISTRY’. So right off the bat, what ‘m thinkin is tough luck buh Tosin on the other hand thinks why not? If this guy is evry thing she wants in a man, chemistry is sufficient buh not necessary to keep a r/ship and that attraction alone is sufficient enough to keep a lasting r/ship.

She says if two people are attracted to each other they should go right ahead esp if this person is mister perfect like the whole nine yards..(good natured, caring, supportive, gentlemanly, ambitious, a non-wife beater ,spiritual attractive n did I mention RICH?)afterall who doesn’t want their kids to have good genes. Buh I guess I shoulda asked. Whts the difference btw attraction and chemistry?

From my knowledge of things, ‘m guessin attraction is physical and chemistry is phenomenal and is the advanced level of attraction..i think chemistry is inexplicable and more like the tingling or should I say the butterflies in one’s stomach. So if attraction is physical, can I safely say its closest to infatuation and since chemistry is sharing common grounds ,isn’t chemistry compatibility? Nyhoo, I digresss!

So what ‘m really asking is considering the fact that chemistry can fade off after a couple of years, will you let the perfect man/woman slide just because you have no ‘chemistry’?? cuz keep in mind that even though we all have our adonises which may range nywhere from Brad pitt to Boris Kodjoe, there’s no guarantee that if we were given the chance to meet with them, we’d ‘click’
Secondly, is attraction really just a socially constructed idea? Are we taught to be attracted to people of only a certain modification? Now that’s something to think about.. my friends.

Till we meet again, Same time, same station…next weeeek! Okay..’m not running a radio station here buh ya’ll should take it ezz…don’t 4get to smell the rosessss.


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tuface And Majek Fashek in Toronto

Helllo people!!
Whats happening??? So my lack of internet is reflecting on our relationship. I still don’t have internet at home..shame! Nyhoo, y’kno life goes on…actually, life is bubblicious right now cuz ‘m acquring a few survival instincts which I had looong b4 buh I saved for a time such as NOW. A day in the life of Ehi and Tosin is nothing buh SPONTANEITY+ ADVENTURE, nothing is planned out, nothing is thought of and I must tell ya, this go-with-the-flow life isn’t that all..i’ll fill you in with details when the time comes.

So Tuface and Majek were in town eh? Soooo what. Is that wut u said? So Ehi almost had her leg broken from pushing a mobbing crowd. I don’t think ‘d ever seen that many blaaack people my whole life..First off, the club capacity is prolly about 700 and by 1am, there were over 1500 avid fans, 25 rude ass cops, and check this, THREE bouncers tryna push by the barricade…Boy! It was kraaaazzy.

What was I doin there in all that madness? Actually, 134Elitz halps out with the planning in terms of d├ęcor for Eagle Haus when they have special occasions . So while I was supposed to be protecting our red carpet and stanchions and making sure we caught some good paparazzi moments on the red carpet, I had to multitask that with preventing this hyped up crowd from rushing in.

Nywayz, enough about the technicalities it was a very tiring weekend after that madness…and oh did I mention that it started drizzling? got really cold! To add icing to the cake, Tosin n I didn’t end up getting in until the end of the show. When the helicopters and the rude asss cops arrived, they stopped evry one from getting in. but that was the day b4 show day.

The concert on saturday on the other hand, was really GOOOOOD!! Tuface brought down the house with his performance..I think he pretty much sang all his songz from plantashun boyz to his latest hits. And the rain maker Majek? Hah…that’s another story ‘d have to tell u personally

Quote of the day: Living at risk is jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down. b

Monday, May 12, 2008

Gidi Lounge+ moreee

Hey ya'll!

Its Monday and its a good day.Its the beginning of a new weeek and its gradually warming up are blossoming, pidgeons are flapping, its not sun set till i cant help but think God's creations are just beautiful.

And in the spirit of good weather, all i can think is my pair of fashionista 60's sunglasses, my pair of very hott legz steming out of my mini denim's and of course my 4inch pumps exposing my freshly pedicured feet whilst sucking on a lolipop and strolling downtown like i have not a single care in the world...and i dont

Nyhooo, the main reason i am writing today is to give honour to whom honour is due..

First off, i'd like to congratulate Olumide Adewumi on the laucheon of his new website, which amongst many other projects he's worked on is just dope! offers the very best of all genres of Nigerian music from Dbanj to Banky..ya'll should check it out.

Secondly, big ups to Ammar Kamara from Afri canadian heritage and beauty pageants.Ammar is the official host of Miss Africanadian beauty pageant..Afri Canada is celebrating 10 years of showcasing beautiful queens from all over Africa in ways that are fit and worthy of the African culture.

Its amazing to see young people putting their time and energy to its best use given our very limited resources..There's a thousand and one excuses people can give for not suceeding but when one (esp a student)is actually using their little money and time to do smthg worth while, they should be praised.

Nuff said!

And by the way, Tuface will be in Toronto live and direct come Saturday, May 16th. Also, Who knowz where Majek Fashek is? i remember being a BIG fan of his growing up and listening to his songz in the car stereo on my way to skool evry day...Nywayz, if ur like me that 1ders where the hell he's been, maybe you can get a chance to ask him urself..cuz he will be in Toronto as well this weekend performing with Tuface in Eagle Haus all here in da T-dot.

Shout out to my big sis, Amen on her birthday all the way in Winnipeg, Manitoba..More grease to your elbow sis.

The 2nd edition of 134Elitz will be out by July..And as alwayz, we need ur ideas and what you'd like to see on the next edition..bring all your ideas to the table and let us rub minds and as alwayz, we are leaving the position of the cover gurl open..if you think you got what it takes to grace the cover of the hottest lifestyle magazine,


134Elitz magazine is a quaterly publication with the next edition having 5000 copiez in print to be distributed all over Canada and Nigeria and online subsciption(coming soon). If you have a business or know anyone who owns a business and would love to showcase/expose their products and services, pls send us an email on

I wish you a beautiful week ahead and God's blessings.
Hugs n kisses,

Friday, May 2, 2008

Good bye 134

Hello people!! Whats happening? whats poppin?

How was your week ya'll? mine went pretty goood except for some petty wahala sha..i call it petty cuz 'm still alive...things have been a little turbulent buh God is faithful.

Anywayz, the gist is that babes of 134Elitz have decided to MOVE ON!! yup, u heard me. No more 134!

No more 134 Hunter Street!! hahah...gotcha.You thought i was about to say no more 134ElitZ....ahn..ahn,God punish just learnt that one)

After four fabulous and adventurous years, we have moved on to BIGGER n BETTER things!! The infamous 134 Hunter street is no more..its been a very wonderful n pleasant experience with our house and we just moved so i just thought i'd let ya'll in on that...boy! that house will be greatly missed. In the 4 yrs we stayed there, that house saw over 1000 faces nd 'm not even exaggerating. uhmm..If only those walls had ears.

Anywayz, thats by the way...the highlight of my week was when we were invited to a client's media release party and it was dinner and dance y'kno one of those classy, candle light events. And, guess what happened?? my hair caught fire!!! yes it did..i tell was on fire for almost 1minute and i didnt kno!

Okay, this is how it happened, i tilted my head to adjust my tie ups and before u knew it, the hair was in flames o...uhmm, the price we(black girls) have to pay. Anywayz, after that moment,i was xtremely pissed nd just looked around to see who saw my mini fireworks and err couldnt be bothered nymore joh buh i blew out the candle light sharply after that and just burst out laughing at myself.

And that was enough to keep me laughin...all nite long..nd 'm still laughing till

Before the fire:

After the fire:

lol....okay...not reallly..buh my hair really caught fire though :D
Ah well, thats about it for my week/weekend. It was a bizzy week lifting boxes and moving houses.

By the way, we are planning for the 2nd edition of the magazine due to be released in July. We have very big plans for it..of course the ist was great buh the 2nd is gonna be even bigger and better so watch out for it as we have a broader scope.

Hope u guyz r having a splendid weekend...whats happening with evry one this summer by the way. travelling? hustling? summer skool? working? getting married? or going with the flow? speaking of getting married, why's evry one around me gettin married? is that a coincidence or a sign? Evry saturday, i kno somebody who'll be getting married..its krazzzy! oh well, maybe i need to go get hitched tooo..o wait, i have to at least meeet a guy and date first ya? hah 'm a joker!!

Anywayz, thats about it lovers and friends, hope u have a goood weeekend and blessed week ahead.