Sunday, September 14, 2008


i know we've been making alot of excuses so i wont even do that today...the honest truth is that tooo much has been going on that i don't even know where to begin. Would have blogged about it but we were kinda internetless (if dats even a words LOL)for a while lol sooo heres the 411. Now dat everyone has moved out of 134 hunter ( aww i miss dat house soo much) its been pretty hard catching all of us together at the same time in d same place..sad..yes i know...but hey dats life lol I cant speak for everyone but myself right now ( if you can guess who exactly dis is lol), im pretty much stuck at home studying for mu GRE exam so wish me luck!! infact pray for me lol i dont believe in luck lol nehow i will probably come on here every now and then if there is any gist...which is veryyyyy unlikely seeing as my house is in d middle of nowhere! Take care y'all. luv ya muah!

guess who