Saturday, June 21, 2008

Your Crowning Glory...

Ladiez n Gents, how are ya’ll doing this weekend?? My weekend is goin pretty good..lots of parties and the likes of that...
Now, lets talk hair..yup ladies lets talk about this crowning glory as most of us would refer our hair as and for some of us, uhmm..not-so-much a crown more like a nuisance!
I know some of us sistahs don’t mess with our hair hence we don’t swim, CANNOT be caught in the rain, must visit the salon every month for regular upkeep n even go as far as deprive our selves of basic necessities like food n shopping treats to save up enough for our hair dressers..humph! tell me about it..

For the rest of us that cannot be bothered, i understand but Quit looking like you escaped from a troubled forest or a freak show for that matter..

you sure dont want looks like that

There just might be a better solution and NO 'm not talking Dr. Miracle buh thats gr8 too. Check this out. I know you’re dying to hear this. *drum rolls*


Yessir! I said it! As far as ‘m concerned, its the best solution yet to all your hair troubles..why?? cuz its convinent, verrrrry easy to fix plus its affordable..whaaat?? c’mon ladies, i heard ya...IT IS AFFORDABLE. You know it makes a lot more sense to spend $400 on hair that looks real, you can fix yourself and not have to spend loonnnng hours in the salon and have it last years!! Now compare that to spending $120 on two packs of remy hair every month, $100 to fix. Now thats already about $220 a month n thats been conservative cuz some of us spend waaay more than that every month unless of course you don’t mind a stinky winky hair...

Now Bee, thats more like it..And the differnce is CLEAR

Tosin rocking a lace front

Wanna look like a star? We think we know a thing or two about that So get with it. I know you have thought about it for sooo long. Now is the time to act and Save!

For more info and hair packages, send an email to and you will very well be on your way to the NEW YOU!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer Stylin

Bright Colours
Don’t be afraid of colours! I remember a time when everyone was wearing colours like red, black, white etc. Its summer time baby and it’s time to bring the colours, yellow, green, purple, blue!! T’would be helpful to save the harder-to-wear colors (yellow and orange) for footwear and handbags.

Gladiator sandals take center stage when you wear them, so choose something simple and plain to pair them with. Just because I loveeeeeee heels so much had to put up pic’s of them with heels. Aren’t they GORGEOUS!! I mean flats r cool and all but who on earth would pick flats when there r heels.....(no response needed!! All u flat lovers!!)

Floral Prints
Forget about the tender, ditsy prints of the past years that sometimes made u look like one of the characters of little house on the Prairie. The new floral is strong, modern and sometimes eye-popping! Skirts, tops, bags and even shoes are blooming in big floral prints.

Everyone’s tryna get African on thing we know we’ll b seeing Paris Hilton rocking an Ankara dress! This new tribal trend consists of strong, graphic prints(black and white) combined with warm, earthy tones (browns, deep reds and oranges)

Maxi Dresses
The dresses are getting longer thank God! What a refreshing change. These dresses are mostly strapless or spaghetti straps and bold florals. These dresses may be trendy but are not universally flattering!

Coloured Sunglasses
Sunglasses were huge in the Eighties, and they're making a comeback! Forget your oversized bug glasses or the aviator styles sunnies, this summer, its square frames, plastic and colour all the way!


He or she must be thinkin theyre cool or sumthin LOL