Monday, January 28, 2008

Forward ever; Backward Never!

Helloooo people,
How are ya’ll doin? Hope your weekend went great at least as good as mine…wasn’t up to
much this weekend..just got some studying on…y’kno gasta make dem A’s..nywayz, thats not what
I wanted to tell you guyz about..y’kno, still in the light on how far Nigeria as a country has come with
Television and imagery, I was pondering back on those commercials from the early 1980’s
(if you were born then) and I thought we were genius! Buh..wait is any one wondering where those ‘omo sisters’are
Or where the ‘lux girl’ is? Take a look at this Video!

I thought that was absolutely definetely made me smile but as our progress wheels spin,
Are we moving forward or are just goin around in a circle? I’ll let you be the judge of that when you see these clips.

And my gurl Somkele doin it big..brap brap brap!

You’d agree with me that we as a country have come along way. We’ve grown as country and emancipated
Into this Giant..and there’s no stopping us..FORWARD EVER: BACKWARD NEVER!

What do you think? Please leave your witty comments

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dont even know what to make of this!

Okay y'all i was just on you tube tryna check if one of my favourite nigerian artists right now, Timaya had a video posted up for any of his songs...well no he didnt unfortunately! but i scrollin thru lookin at what they got and saw like 40 posts from this one i was a bit curious and clicked on one of his video's. The first couple of seconds i was kinda like uhmmmmmm what the.....and u know wut kinda comes next lol. A couple of seconds into the video i just couldnt get my self to hit the ex button an go about my business! I know its wrong but damn i just couldnt stop watchin or listenin to the video. The song is addictive! i must say the dude's got some talent lol. i hate to admit it but he does lol. If i heard that dong in the club il b all up on the dancefloor 4real. its like one of those beyonce/rihanna/kelly/britney tunes. Y'all should check it out. What y'all think?

Friday, January 25, 2008

My Addictions

Now I really do know how smokers, crackheads ,alcoholics or anyone whom in general has had to play the quitting game feels. In the last couple of days, I’ve struggled to deal with an addiction and no ‘m not on any cheap crack..just yet…I’m hooked on the song ‘FLEX” by Riz and Sauce kid!!

FLEX by Riz and Sauce kid

I cannot get that song outta my mind. If ‘m not listening to it, then ‘m singing or humming it otherwise ‘m asleep. ‘ve had to deal with song issues like this in the past then recover but I just wouldn’t get off this one. Notice how some songs just lure you to playing them over and over again and later, u get tired of them but No.not this one…it seems like the more I listen to it the more I want…I cant get no satisfaction…I duuno if it’s the rhythm or the order of the beats or the lyrics or the fellas…I have no clue…but I do know I have heard the older version b4 so I don’t know why I’m really hooked with this one..speaking of getting hooked…you should listen to ‘heritage’ by Jahdiel..thats another one that’s topping my playlists. The song is a positive confession…the video is energetic and boistereous..very engaging and I must warn you ADDICTIVE!

HERITAGE by Jahdiel

I think the Nigerian Music industry is growing faster than ever before…its hard to keep up with them….notice how the videos are getting posh, the images are clearer, the artists are taking time to get directors who actually know what the hell they are directing?? Uhmm….impressive ..i must say..very impressive…whats going on with Nolly wood?? Now that’s another story!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Its all about the Benjamins Baby!

Ok..guyz..I know its been ages since we last spoke…we apologize for the “silent treatment”..but thank you guys for not giving us “silent treatment” as a lot of you wonderful people have been asking if/when the magazine is coming out.

Is the magazine still coming out?? The answer is YES, YES and YES!!! It is!! We are still working on it..I had no idea it was this harrrrd to get free money…134ElitZ is being stalled by lack of money..we are really trying here…but in order to bring you the best, we need some sort of sponsorship which apparently does not grow on!! No body told me that 4months ago…but I guess the yahoozee guy said it best..whats his name?? uhmm…oh shoot!!! I think I’m losing my mind here..Olu Maintain!!!! its all about the Benjamins baby.. that’s whats stalling us….IGHO!EGO! OWO NAIRA! DOLLAR! Whatever you call it..i dont know buh i do know that lack of it is a B****!

Right now, ‘m ssooo flustered and frustrated….I honestly think ‘m losing my mind..’ve been on a chase literally BEGGING for money..”come today, come tomorrow “ is the order of the day.

Yesterday, we took a trip to Toronto to meet with a potential sponsor who was our last hope ..well, long story short, we were given a job not FREE money!! Well I guess, there’s really no such thing as free money but how are we supposed to publish a magazine with our measly monthly pocket money??

I know I sound like a whiner right now but I really am downplaying the hardship we’ve and personally I have faced these last few months esp now that the magazine is due to be launched. Keep in mind, I still have to deal with school work and maintain a good grade.

Anyhoo, I thought I’d let ya’ll on our ever challenging and hard times, so if you see me around walking and talking to myself, ‘m alright…do say hi ..I might not have noticed you even if I look like ‘m staring right at you..‘m probably 5000 miles away.

However, its not all storms..a lot of wonderful things have happened …a lot of bright ideas are borne in my heart evry day..I feel like ‘m gyrating closer to my greener pastures evry day..I feeel a lot of joy and happiness and inner peace…despite the dissappointments and let downs, God just always has his ways

Now that you know whats stalling the publishing of the magazine, pls say a prayer for us and GIVE US MONEY!!! You will be blessed by it..Nothing is too biig or too small.Its for the betterment of all of us..We give young talents a platform to blossom. Every young person who’s using their talents/gifts for the betterment of mankind and has no opportunity to shine, we provide the avenue and exposure they need. To read more about our mission and our vision, pls contact us at or

To contact us about how you can be of help to us or how we can be of help to you. Please email us at

Anywayz darlings, let me get back to doing some work…we shall remain hopeful and positive..we have no choice. Thanks for the good words of encouragement and support.

By the way, the magazine is looking extremely fantastic right will not be disappointed.