Monday, November 17, 2008

In my mind..

one of my entirely random moments

Maybe i should be less discouraged and more hopeful

Have less me's and more we's

Take more risks and do less planning

Be less distracted and more present

There will be nothing wrong if i got my cute yellow porshe and took a shopping trip with a bunch of friends to N.Y

Nothing wrong with one of my accounts showing six figures and all i have to worry about is how to splurge

Nothing wrong with being on an extremmme make over show right now and having this pink, princess room with a life size bear

Nothing wrong with a prepaid American express card worth like...uhmm..$10,000 wont be soo bad..would it?

Absolutely nothing wrong with a chaffeur to drive me n my friends around and a chaperon n a stylist at my beck n call

Anywayz, enuf of my fantasies i thought 'd touch base with ya'll hope all is well..

this is just me at work with my three all time CD MAN- my musik is important, my MIRROR-i hve to constantly appreciate my maker n ofcourse my FOOOD!! n who could forget my BABY, 134ELITZ!! ya, my 4 all time FAVES.

so we'r still workin HARRRD..we've not run outta business..:)


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