Tuesday, November 4, 2008


And so it came to pass that on November 4, 2008, shortly after 11 p.m. Eastern time, the American Civil War ended, as a black man -- Barack Hussein Obama -- won enough electoral votes to become president of the United States."

Wow! wow! wow!!! What a day! First off, i feeel very privileged that this day fell on my birthday..yay.i feel that its no coincidence...11.05pm, my daddy calls me and he goes congrats, you just got an amazing birthday present..i was like yeah? is it in my account now? he's like nah i mean OBAMA's win.

I was slightly disappointed it wasnt money in my account buh hey what an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G gift..and my daddy says i have a date with destiny just like obama. What a blessing!!

Here's some interesting things some pple had to say about OUR (Obama+Ehi) win :)

"Rosa parks sat so martin luther king culd walk...martin walkd so obama culd run...obama iz running so the next generation can FLY"

"i can't wait for my chidren to come home with homework, and ask 'Mummy, who was the first African American President of the US?'."

"Who is canada's prime minister again?,when are the elections?,are they done elections ?..bla bla who care cares..OBAMA!"

Anywayz, i thought 'd exercise this opportunity to encourage us:


whatever it is ur struggling with. School, grades, getting a good job, career paths. Just keep going..YES YOU CAN!

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