Thursday, October 23, 2008

FABulous Toronto

Hey ya'll,

whats happening? Hope your week went well..mine was greaaat (thnx 4 askin) so its the last day of the infamous L'oreal fashion week here in Toronto..what better time to rave about fashion. Just a little background, i'm an enthusiast for fashion, i love good looks buh i'm not sure i fit into the strict definition of a fashionista..nyways, 'm pretty sure like most of you reading this, there's a lot of designs/looks i see on runways that i just dont get!

On the other hand, 've always wondered about who defines whats wearable and whats not..In this regards, i think fashion is definetely subjective. In my case, the way i project myself and my looks stems from my state of mind. It just so happens that i'm always boistereous and excited hence i alwayz look colorful and go-go (whtever that means) nyways enuf about i guess what you wear and your total image can look like you just walked out of costume party but if you feeel absolutely comfy with it? Go ahead!

I compiled some pictures from the L'oreal fashion week..some i loveee n some i just dont get!

Is this a raincoat??

Uhmm..not my forte!

My favourites

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