Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Skinny Issues

Hey People!!

'm on a ball this week eh? Let me take you through issues that come up in my life on a day to day basis. Mind you, i have a lot of least 'd like to think so and they are very intellectually sound and opinionated so we pretty much have a mini talk show evry other day!

Some of the arguments we have range from petty stuff as whether to go to L'oreal fashion week or not to less trivials like who to fall in love with (do u fall in love or do u stroll into it), how long should you know a man before you become intimate regardless of the level of intimacy (even a hand shake), to go back to your homeland and give back or to stay in the west and 'amass wealth'? send your kids to boarding school or not? inter racial date or not? nappy hair or relaxed hair? how Afrocentric are you?

First off, i realize these are some really sensitive issues but if i may ask, how Canadian are you, how American or British are you? ( and 'm not talkin to u, you dis immigrant!..i kid), how Jamaican are you? how African are you? more so how Nigerian are you? and i have never felt insulted when people mistake me for Caribbean or Ethiopian or whatever nationality. Matter of fact , i didnt know some pple felt slighted about it maybe cuz 've never felt the need to prove my 'Nigerianess' to anybody..hah! damn accent always gives it

Speaking of accent, what makes you Nigerian? is it your accent? your hang out joints? your friends? the play list on your ipod? your lifestlye? your hair do? your manners? your choice of food? your language?

It doesnt matter what colour of passport you are carrying, you and i know that when it comes down to it, ur still not oyibo. Some people have denouced their nationality and exchanged their identity for somebody else's.There's a lot that comes with being Nigerian in the Western world as it has its up's and down's...sometimes you just want to be Nigerian only at your convinience

There's a lot of nationalities you could have been but you were chosen by God to be Nigerian,there's nothing you can do about that now, too late buddy.. and 'm not saying you should not be open to other cultures that aint my tune at all but try to touch base with your roots.

Be part of the solution. be the change you want to see.

Its who you are. Live it! Love it! Embrace it!

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