Friday, October 24, 2008

Who Ran this sUCKA!!!

In this edition of WHO RAN THIS SUCKA Eniola Hundeyin of DAVID and yours truly were both caught wearing the same Old Navy metallic skirt and grey t- shirt by Montreal designer Fran├žois Beauregard. firstly, I must applaud us for rocking the Old navy skirt that most people couldn't pull off with such fabulosity! But the real question is...WHO RAN THIS SUCKA??? Please vote and let your responses be EHI, ENIOLA...or if you can't make up your mind, then fine...BOTH!

I think Eni brought out the versatility of this outfit with the blazer and beret making it easy to wear to all sorts of occasions however nothin says simplicity n elegance more than the way Ehi wears it buh nyways, i think it was generally worn very well by both ladiez or what du you think?

Have a FAB weekend ya'll

1 comment:

AnyaPosh said...

...oh, i'm gonna have to say Eniola. The hat & necklace are more my thing. But Ehi's looking rather fly as well no doubt.